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Textbook Author

In addition to my role as teacher, I also tried to pursue the role of learner by writing and doing research. My latest writing project is Human Anatomy (10th edition) by Martini, Tallitsch and Nath, published by Pearson. Prior to working on this text I served as coauthor with Gerard Tortora on five editions of an Anatomy and Physiology laboratory manual, published by Prentice Hall.

Cover of Histology: An Identification Manual, a textbook authored by Robert Tallitsch
I went through it and found it an excellent histology manual no only for the students but for the instructors as well. Brilliant job. - Prof. Dr. Hanna L. Koubish, MD, MSc, PhD., Kuwait University

Previously I have used a lab manual for an Embryology course I taught at City College of New York that presented both micrographs and drawings of the slide. I consider that to be an excellent way to present the material to students. For that reason, I have listed your atlas as a suggested texts for my Histology courses. Making it available through Openstax will benefit many students. - Prof. Robert S. Bressler, Ph. D., Touro College and University System

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